Bird strike film is applied to this property to provide window protection for birds.

Safeguarding Our Feathered Friends with Window Film: The Importance of Window Protection for Birds

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Every year, millions of birds in the U.S. collide with glass windows, a problem that plagues both bustling cityscapes as well as quieter suburban areas. So what window protection for birds exists to prevent so many bird fatalities, which disrupt the natural ecosystem and are bothersome to building occupants? Bird safety film is one bright solution. This revolutionary window film makes glass visible to our avian friends and prevents these tragic accidents while continuing to allow building occupants to enjoy the benefits of glass windows and doors.

Why Bird Strikes Happen

Bird collisions with windows stem from their inability to perceive clear or reflective glass as a barrier. Humans can have a hard time distinguishing glass but we can use cues like window and door frames to understand where there is glass. Birds, however, do not always recognize glass surfaces. When birds strike glass, the injuries they  receive are often fatal. 

What is Bird Safety Film?

Bird safety film is a window film specifically engineered to reduce bird collisions. Like other window films, this film adheres to existing glass windows or doors creating a pattern on the glass. These patterns or markers on the glass, while not overt, enhance the visibility of glass on commercial or residential buildings making it discernible to birds so they don’t inadvertently collide into glass.  

Benefits of Window Protection for Birds

Installing bird film, thus providing window protection for birds, not only curtails bird injuries and deaths but also contributes to environmental conservation efforts and promotes biodiversity. By safeguarding our feathered friends, we support the ecological balance essential for a healthy planet.

In addition to the environmental benefits bird film provides, occupants who have witnessed bird strikes will also benefit from the mitigation of these strikes as witnessing strikes can be an unpleasant experience.

Why Bird Film is Essential for Commercial Buildings 

Incorporating bird safety measures, such as bird safety film, into architectural design is crucial, especially for buildings with large glass facades. Guidelines from wildlife conservation organizations advocate for the integration of bird protection into building designs, emphasizing the role of architects and planners in bird conservation. For older buildings that may not be designed with bird strike mitigation in mind, bird safety film can be easily retrofitted onto existing glass windows and doors to transform these buildings into safe structures for our avian friends.

Let PA Window Tint Help You Implement Measures for Window Protection for Birds with Bird Safety Film

The use of window protection for birds plays a pivotal role in reducing bird collisions, and bird film is a simple, effective way to incorporate these avian protections. PA Window Tint has a number of bird film options available and our team of experts is ready to assist you in selecting the best bird safety film for your home, office, or other commercial space. Together, we can create safer spaces for birds in our communities. Call 1-866-329-0064 or fill out a form online to schedule a consultation today!

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