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Window Film or Window Replacement?

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Windows play a significant role in the energy efficiency of your space. In fact, the Department of Energy estimates that heat gain and heat loss through windows makes up 25% to 30% of residential heating and cooling energy use! Not only does poor insulation result in uncomfortable interior temperatures, but it also leads to high energy bills. Don’t let your money and comfort go out the window! There are several solutions for improving window efficiency. Homeowners and business owners are often faced with the choice of investing in window film or window replacement.

Window film and window replacement can both improve the efficiency of windows. However, it’s essential to consider all factors before committing to a decision. Consider the age and condition of your windows, your budget, and your end goal. Once you weigh all relevant factors, you can decide whether window film or window replacement is better for your home or business.

When to Invest in Window Replacement

If your home or office’s current windows are in poor condition, you might consider window replacement. The lifespan of a residential window is 15-30 years. Well-maintained windows may last over 20 years. However, if your window frame is warped or rotted, you have difficulty opening and closing the window, or you notice condensation between double panes, it may be time for a replacement. Newer windows prove to be far more energy-efficient than older ones. As a result, when it comes time to replace old, potentially damaged windows, window replacement can improve energy efficiency.

When to Invest in Window Film

If your current windows are in good condition, window replacement may not be the best option for you. Window replacement can be expensive with disruptive installation. If your end goal is to improve energy efficiency, window film is a cost-effective, comprehensive solution. Not to mention, the installation process is seamless when you rely on a 3M Authorized Dealer like PA Window Tint. With 3M Sun Control Window Film, you’ll improve the energy efficiency of your space and experience several other advantages.

Benefits of 3M Sun Control Window Film:

  • Reject up to 97% of infrared heat
  • Block up to 99% of UV rays
  • Reduce glare
  • Lower energy bills
  • Increase occupant comfort

3M Sun Control Window Film provides impressive interior temperature control by rejecting the sun’s heat. As a result, HVAC systems don’t have to work as hard to maintain comfortable temperatures. In turn, you’ll enjoy not only increased occupant comfort but also lower energy bills. Not to mention, films like 3M Low-E Window Film retain man-made heat in the cool winter months for year-round comfort and improved energy efficiency. As an added bonus, 3M Sun Control Window Film also rejects up to 99% of UV rays, minimizing the fading of furnishings and flooring.

To achieve enhanced energy efficiency, window replacement is certainly not the only option. If your windows don’t need to be replaced but you’d like to improve their efficiency, invest in window film! This effective solution provides boosted energy efficiency with less disruption and at a fraction of the cost of replacing your windows.

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