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What Makes 3M Window Film Unique?

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If you’re considering adding window film to the windows in your home or office space, you may be wondering–what makes 3M Window Film unique? However, there are a variety of features and benefits of 3M Window Film that set it apart from the rest. Using nano-technology, 3M Window Film takes heat rejection and glare reduction to the next level. Additionally, there are a variety of other factors that make a window treated with 3M Window Film unique. When it comes to choosing window film, there is no better choice than a 3M product.

Features of a 3M Window Film

3M Window Film is created using nano-technology and consists of hundreds of layers. Although there are so many layers, these optically clear window film adhesives are as thin as a Post-It note! These high-quality films reduce the fading of window treatments, furniture, flooring, and artwork by protecting against harmful UV rays. They help maintain comfortable temperatures within the home, all while eliminating eye strain through glare-reduction. Offering a variety of solutions such as sun control, window insulation, decoration, safety and security, and more, 3M Window Films offer functionality in all realms of windows.

Why Choose 3M?

When you choose to use 3M Window Film, you are investing in protection and comfort for the things inside your space, including furniture, flooring, and even people. In fact, the Skin Cancer Foundation recommends many of their window films. 3M actually holds the patent for the original window film, which allows them to continuously set themselves and their products apart from competitors. As technology advances, so does 3M Window Film; always improving their product performance and durability. Investing in 3M Window Film means investing in quality, with the average life expectancy of 10 years and beyond. In fact, some customers have had window film on their windows for over 20 years!

3M Window Film Warranty

Another benefit of 3M Window Film is their Comprehensive Warranty that covers material, removal, and application. It helps protect against bubbling, blistering, discoloring, and more. You will feel at ease with your investment in 3M Window Film, knowing that residential application is backed by a lifetime warranty, and up to a 15- year warranty for commercial application. For more specifics on 3M Window Film Warranty, visit our Warranty page.

Why PA Window Tint?

As a 3M Authorized Prestige Dealer, PA Window Tint offers the highest-quality window films on the market. With over 25 years of experience, we offer advice to help you select the perfect window film for your space, and then we ensure a flawless application. Not only do we offer the finest sun-control, safety and security, privacy, glare-reducing, and decorative 3M window films, we offer top-notch application services as well. Our 3M Window Film installation experts will help create a solution for any of your window film needs.

There are many benefits of 3M Window Film–maintaining your view, reducing solar heat gain and glare from the sun, as well as protection from UV rays to name a few. Investing in 3M Window Film is a choice that you will reap benefits from for the years to come. Learn more about 3M window film here.

PA Window Tint Inc. began serving central Pennsylvania in 1993. Over the years, we have extended service to New York, Maryland, and New Jersey. Today, PA Window Tint is a 3M Prestige dealer, which identifies our company as a member of the elite network of dealers in the country which are entrusted with offering 3M’s highest quality products and providing impeccable installations. Give us a call at 1-866-329-0064 or fill out a form online.