how to use decorative window film in an office

Uses for Decorative Commercial Window Film

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Decorative window film can be especially beneficial in modern commercial spaces where glass is widely used to both lighten and open up spaces. It can create the same stylish effects and serve the same functions as much more expensive options at only a fraction of the cost.

Add Visual Interest with Decorative Window Film

With countless textures, patterns and opacities, window film can provide visually unique ways to divide and enhance your office, lobby, retail space, hotel or restaurant. 3M window film products can emulate expensive sandblasted, etched or textured glass. And because window film is removable, it’s easy and affordable to change your aesthetic down the road as trends change and your business evolves.

Reinforce Your Brand

As an alternative to traditional signage, window film can be cut out to display a company name or logo while using natural light for illumination. This can be both cost-effective and environmentally friendly. By integrating your brand into existing windows, glass doors or glass walls, you can promote your brand while maintaining a streamlined appearance and eliminating sign maintenance costs.

Some Privacy Please!

When most people think of window film, the first thing that comes to mind is privacy. Decorative window film can provide a sense of privacy, even in busy spaces. A popular application is to place an opaque strip at eye level in boardrooms or other gathering spaces in offices. This use of film can alleviate the feeling of being “on display” for occupants. In a restaurant setting, window film is perfect for creating separate dining spaces that feel intimate, while providing diners the sense of still being connected to the larger space.

Stay Safe and Secure

Imagine being able to maintain a sense of security without sacrificing light. In certain retail situations there is a need for visual separation between the public space and the work area. Opaque glass can hide stock rooms, office spaces or kitchens in restaurants without using traditional doors and walls. Apply 3M decorative window film to both exterior-facing windows and doors, as well as interior glass walls. Window film acts as a protective shield that minimizes shattering and makes break-ins more difficult.

100+ Types of Decorative Window Film

PA Window Tint can replicate the look of textured glass with decorative window film. We have more than 100 patterns and styles to choose from, ranging from opaque to semi-transparent. And when we install the window film, 3M’s comprehensive warranty covers it.

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