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From inclement weather to break-ins, a lot of factors can cause harm to those within your space that are out of your control. However, by taking steps to strengthen glass windows and doors, you can prepare your space for whatever comes its way! Take control of your home or office security with the 3M Ultra S800 Window Film, the premier 3M security film.

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What is 3M Ultra S800 Security Window Film?

When it comes to safety and security, 3M Ultra S800 is one of the top-performing window film products. In fact, this product meets and exceeds industry standards for glass fragment retention. The 3M Scotchshield Safety and Security Window Film Ultra Series is composed of micro-layered film composite, providing high grades of tear resistance and high energy absorption. As a result, it holds glass in place should it be broken. Not only does it protect your property and possessions from outside danger and flying shards of glass, but it also protects the people inside. This 3M security film is rigorously tested by both 3M engineers and emergency personnel so you know it passes the highest safety standards.

3M Ultra S800 Security Window Film Protects Against:

Bomb Blasts & Explosions

This powerful film is designed to protect people from the danger of flying glass shards in the event of bomb blasts or explosions, often the most common cause of injuries and fatalities in these scenarios. By holding the glass together and preventing it from shattering into deadly pieces, 3M Ultra S800 can dramatically reduce the risk of serious injury or even death.


Are you worried about the safety and security of your home or business? Look no further than 3M Ultra S800 Window Film. This high-quality film makes it difficult for intruders to break through your windows and quickly access your space. With 3M Ultra S800, you can have peace of mind knowing your property is protected and you have extra time to react in an emergency.

Inclement Weather and Natural Disasters

No matter where you live, weather patterns can be unpredictable. Storms can form in an instant, bringing strong winds and heavy rain. The safety of your home is something that should never be taken lightly. This is where 3M Ultra S800 Window Film comes in. By adding an this 3M security film to your windows, you elevate the security of your home or commercial space and provide peace of mind to all occupants.

Seismic and Spontaneous Glass Breakage

It's not something that happens every day, but spontaneous glass breakage is a real threat to your property and the people who occupy it. The risk of this occurring goes up when glass is exposed to thermal stress. To protect everyone around you, it's crucial to take preventative measures. 3M Ultra S800 Window Film is an effective solution that can help prevent glass fragments from falling from your windows.

UV Rays

The 3M Ultra S800 Window Film is a powerful tool to protect against the elements and break-ins, but there's another critical aspect of this remarkable product that shouldn't go unnoticed. Its ability to reject up to 99% of UV rays is vital in protecting your space’s interior against the leading cause of fading in furniture and other household items. 

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