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Tips to Prepare Your House for Vacation

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With summer in full swing, many people take this time to go on vacation! After all, the children are out of school, and the warm weather makes it the perfect time to visit the beach, the lake, or the river. However, with various upcoming trips, it’s essential to prepare your house for vacation properly. Rather than worry about what’s happening at your house while you’re away, taking the proper steps to prepare can give you peace of mind and keep your home and belongings safe.

Set Lights on a Timer

An unoccupied house can be a target for criminals. Be sure to set a few of the lights in your home on a timer, so once it gets dark, it will look as if someone is home! By putting it on a timer, you’ll also save a bit of energy rather than simply leaving the lights on the entire time you’re gone.

Have a Neighbor Get Your Mail

Another sign of an empty house is a stuffed mailbox or a front porch covered with packages. Ask one of your trusted neighbors or family members to collect all your mail while you’re away! This also keeps packages safe from the potential of being stolen.

Maintain Your Lawn/Plants

Dying plants on the front porch and an unkempt lawn can signal an empty home. Not to mention, it’s disappointing to come home from vacation to find all your plants dead! Try to keep up with your plants while you’re away. Set your irrigation system on a schedule, or have a neighbor come over to tend to your lawn and plants.

Lock Your Doors and Windows

While locking your doors and windows seems like an obvious way to prepare your home before leaving, it can be overlooked! In fact, about 30% of burglars enter homes through an unlocked window or door. Therefore, ensure that all entry points are locked to protect your belongings before you leave.

Invest in Window Film

Consider investing in window film to prepare your home for vacation! Different window film products have various functionalities, but each can help your home differently. Explore some of our window film products and benefits here:

Boost Protection with Security Window Film

While you can lock entry points, if someone wants to enter your space, they could attempt to break glass windows or doors. While you can’t prevent something like this from happening, you can certainly prepare! With 3M Safety and Security Window Film, you can add a layer of protection to windows. Should the glass be struck and broken, these films hold the glass in place to deter entry. Not to mention, it reduces the likelihood of damage caused by flying shards of glass. In addition, you can further increase security by pairing 3M Safety and Security Window Film with impact protection adhesives (IPA) attachment systems. Learn more about 3M Safety and Security Film here.

Save Energy & Protect House Plants with Sun Control Window Film

The sun can enter your space in the hot summer months and create hotspots and uncomfortable temperatures. Not to mention, UV rays can also enter in through windows, causing furnishings and floorings to fade while also potentially damaging your house plants. Luckily, 3M Sun Control Window Film can reject the sun’s heat and protect against up to 99.9% of UV rays! In addition, its heat-rejecting abilities can take some of the work off of HVAC systems, lowering energy bills. 

UV rays and extreme temperature variation are detrimental to plants.  Luckily, by rejecting the sun’s heat and UV rays, 3M Sun Control Window Film can protect your house plants! In fact, once window film is installed, house plants may actually require less watering. Additionally, while 3M Sun Control Window Film can reject heat and UV rays, it still welcomes red and blue light that plants need to grow sufficiently.  To discover the benefits of window film on house plants, check out this document here. Learn more about 3M Sun Control Window Film here.

Vacations are for relaxing! Ensure you can unwind by taking these steps to prepare your house for vacation. With these steps, you can protect your home and your belongings. Not to mention, by investing in 3M Window Film, you can reap benefits beyond just the days you are out of town! Contact a member of our team today to discover what window film is best for your home.

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