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The Secret to Increasing Privacy in Homes & Offices

Tim TraxlerPrivacy

Open floor plans and expansive windows are highly sought after features in both homes and offices. However, the desire for natural light doesn’t eliminate the occasional need for privacy. Conference rooms, lobbies, bathrooms, and more — there are times when privacy is crucial. While curtains, shades, or partitions are an option, they also eliminate natural light and close off your space. Why choose between privacy and a naturally lit space, when you can achieve both? The secret to increasing privacy in homes and offices is window film. 

Whether you’re looking to add privacy to a glass-enclosed conference room,  creatively partition a lobby, or add a one-of-a-kind design element in your home, decorative window film is a cost-effective solution. On the other hand, if you would like to increase the level of privacy of windows throughout your home without impacting exterior views, Night Vision Window Film can get the job done. From improved security to enhanced aesthetics, we offer a variety of window film solutions catered to the needs of your space. 

Increase Privacy with These Window Film Products

Decorative Window Film

Decorative window film can be used to improve privacy within your space, without eliminating natural light. From opaque to semi-transparent, there are hundreds of colors and textures to choose from. As a result, you can create the perfect level of privacy for your home or office. In addition to increasing privacy, decorative window film can also add an element of design to your space. Perfect for showers, bathroom windows, conference rooms, and more, choose decorative window film as your go-to solution for enhanced aesthetics and increased privacy. 

3M Privacy Window Film

Whether you’re interested in a high level of privacy or looking for a unique way to stylishly incorporate privacy into your space, there is a 3M Privacy Film solution for you. Achieve subtle privacy and enhanced aesthetics with 3M White Matte Translucent Film. On the other hand, maximize privacy within your space using 3M Blackout Film. Lastly, with its high reflectivity, 3M Mirror Film gives your glass surfaces a mirror-like appearance, while also increasing the level of privacy in homes and commercial spaces. Customize the privacy of your space through the use of 3M Privacy Film products. 

Night Vision Window Film

If you’re looking to increase the privacy of your home or office from the outside, consider Night Vision Window Film. These darker tinted films not only increase the level of privacy from the outside in, but they also reject 71% of the sun’s heat and protect against UV rays. Additionally, these films still allow 15% to 35% of natural light into your space! With the correct interior lighting, its low interior reflectivity allows you to enjoy clear views of the outside at night, while its higher exterior reflectivity reduces visibility from the outside into your space during daylight hours.

Exterior Night Vision Window Film

Depending on the type of privacy your space requires, there is a window film solution that will meet your needs. Do you want to stylishly incorporate privacy into your space without eliminating natural light? Or perhaps you want to achieve enhanced views at night. No matter what you choose, Decorative Window Film, Privacy Window Film, and Night Vision Window Film can assist in increasing privacy in homes and offices. Interested in learning more? Read our blog, “Where to Use Privacy Window Film Around Your Home.”

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