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The Impact of Natural Light on Mental Health

Tim TraxlerNews

In recent years, the topic of mental health has become incredibly prominent. From talking to those around you to journaling, there are many different ways people are encouraged to focus on their mental health. In addition to actions we can take ourselves, the environment in which we live and work also impacts our mental health. As we focus on mental health, many have taken steps both at home and in the workplace to create a positive environment. One of the ways to improve an environment is with natural lighting! Believe it or not, natural light and mental health are more related than you think.

Sunlight and Mood Go Hand in Hand

Whether you work in an office or at home, you may understand firsthand the importance of natural light. After all, a dark or dimly lit space can appear lackluster and impact the overall feel of a space. Not only does it “feel” bad, but studies show that a lack of natural light can negatively impact the mind! In fact, in months when the days are shorter and it gets dark earlier, many Americans suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). SAD is a type of depression categorized by a seasonal pattern in which one may suffer from depressive episodes and significant changes in mood and behavior. While it can occur in the summer months, it typically occurs during the winter months with a lack of natural light exposure.

Even if one doesn’t have SAD, a lack of natural light can still harm your mood. A poorly lit home or office can cause eyestrain, headaches, and even impact sleep. Furthermore, poor sleep quality can lead to reduced productivity, cognitive performance, and mood. As a result, many office workers highly prioritize natural light. In fact, a study by Staples found that 80% of workers said that having good lighting at work is essential. The solution seems evident with all the data backing the benefits of natural lighting. Homes and offices should incorporate numerous windows to allow sunlight to enter! However, windows pose problems of their own.

The Downsides of a Naturally Lit Space

A plethora of windows welcome sunlight into your space, but it has some adverse effects. Windows can create hot spots, uncomfortable temperatures, and bothersome glare. In addition, they allow harmful UV rays to enter your space, the leading cause of fading in furnishings. When the sun’s light heats your space, HVAC systems must work hard to maintain the desired interior temperature. Not only does this create discomfort, but it can cause extra wear and tear on HVAC systems and high energy bills. Curtains and blinds can mitigate these issues but at the expense of a naturally lit space! So, we are back to square one. However, that’s where window film comes in handy.

Window Film Provides the Best of Both Worlds

Window film creates the perfect balance! Achieve a naturally lit space while combatting the adverse side effects of windows. Window film rejects the sun’s heat, making interior temperatures more comfortable. Not to mention, this takes some of the work off HVAC systems, which lowers energy bills. Window film also minimizes bothersome glare that can cast across technology screens and cause eyestrain and discomfort. In addition, window film rejects up to 99% of UV rays to extend and protect the life of furniture and flooring. It can even safeguard occupants’ skin from UV damage that may occur indoors!

You don’t have to choose between natural lighting and comfort with window film. Because natural light and mental health often go hand in hand, consider investing in window film for your home or office. Optimize the sun’s light while rejecting heat and UV rays and minimizing glare! Contact our team at PA Window Tint today to find the best window film for your space.

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