Stop Sunlight Reflection Damage With Exterior Window Film

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Builders, developers, and property owners know the damage the sun and UV rays can do to a building or surrounding landscaping. That damage is literally magnified by a building or home’s glass surfaces, as reflected heat and light can cause extensive fading, warping, discoloration, and more. So how do you retain all the advantages of glass in a home or office and still mitigate reflection damage? We’ve found that 3M™ Prestige Exterior Window Film is the right solution to keep reflected sun and heat damage from destroying your property if you’re experiencing any of these issues:

You have damage to your vinyl siding

If you’ve noticed that the vinyl siding on your building is melting, warping, or discoloring, and you’re unsure why, it could be due to intense heat and light reflection from windows. This happens often with energy-efficient low-e windows that amplify heat reflection onto nearby surfaces.

Landscaping, decks, and turf damage

Sunlight reflection from windows can also scorch or damage your landscaping, including turf and plants, and will also contribute to the aging of your decking.

You’re having trouble keeping interior temperatures comfortable

While the primary focus of the Prestige Exterior Window Film is to mitigate exterior reflection damage, home and property owners usually experience gains in energy efficiency inside their buildings by improving comfort and lower cooling costs.

There’s damage to neighboring property because of sun reflection

In densely populated areas or neighborhoods, reflected sunlight from your windows can affect your neighbor’s properties, causing similar types of damage. 

Your double-pane windows are creating glass distortion issues

The window concavity in your double-pane windows might be focusing light and heat onto specific areas, causing localized damage, fading, or burning.

You need or want to implement sustainable building practices

If you want to attain green building certifications, window film can help enhance energy efficiency in one of the most vital structural elements in your building or home. It’s also a very cost-effective way to renovate or replace what is already there, giving you a larger return on your investment.

How Does Window Film Mitigate Heat Reflection Damage?

As a property developer or owner, you understand the importance of maintaining the integrity and appearance of your properties. The 3M™ Prestige Exterior Window Film is designed to reduce the transmission of solar energy through glass by reflecting and absorbing solar energy. This is particularly beneficial in preventing heat reflection issues that can cause damage to nearby surfaces like turf, vinyl siding, and composite decking. 

Protect Your Property From UV and Infrared Energy

By absorbing much of the long-wave infrared energy before it reaches low-e surfaces on interior glass, this film helps mitigate the damaging reflections that can affect exterior building components. While window film doesn’t eliminate all issues related to window concavity and pressure differences, it significantly reduces the intensity of concentrated reflected energy to help protect various building materials and landscaping elements.

Safer For Composite Materials Found In Newer Building Products

Window film’s effectiveness in reducing instances of melting, discoloration, and other types of damage makes it a natural choice in construction that uses newer products and materials, which are often made from plastic. This makes it a useful product for builders and developers who work with a range of materials and need a reliable solution for protecting different elements of their properties.

Adding Window Film Protects Your Property In Many Ways


Reduce Light Damage In Your Exterior and Interior Spaces

In addition to the advantages of exterior heat rejection, you also get an increased level of comfort, not to mention energy savings, while helping to maintain your interior spaces. High-quality window film will also do all of this without impacting the main advantages of glass: you’ll still have great views looking out, and plenty of natural light coming in. 


Enhanced Protection From Glass Breakage and Shattering

You won’t only be protecting your property and belongings from the sun – the right window film will also help guard against potential break-ins and help prevent the glass from shattering in case of an impact.


Increase Interior Comfort Levels While Preventing Sun Damage Outside

Using exterior window film helps you better control hot spots, reduce the types of glare that lead to eye strain, and repel up to 60% of the heat caused by the sun. This will greatly increase the comfort level of your home or make your buildings or properties more attractive to tenants or buyers.


Save Money By Preventing Damage And Reducing Your Energy Costs

As energy costs skyrocket, many builders, property owners, and homeowners are seeing real savings after having Prestige Series Window Films installed. This product rejects up to 97% of the sun’s heat-producing infrared light, so it’s easier to regulate the temperature inside while preventing damage outside.

Get A Free Estimate From Local Professionals

Remember that while 3M™ Prestige Exterior Window Film offers substantial benefits in mitigating sun-related damage, factors such as the angle of the sun, proximity to other buildings, and the presence of buffering foliage also play significant roles. You can find out if this is the best solution for you by talking to a professional installer from PA Window Tint – contact us today for a free estimate from experts you can trust.

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