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Should You Use Blinds or Window Film?

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Windows are architectural necessities in both homes and offices, allowing for natural light and views of the outdoors. Many dream of an office space with an expansive view or a living room full of natural light. However, people often don’t consider the challenges associated with windows, such as bothersome glare, uncomfortable indoor temperatures, and fading of furnishings. As a result, many are faced with a decision — to cover up views and natural light with blinds or simply endure the negative side effects of the sun.

The Truth About Blinds

The Good

Blinds are a popular, go-to solution for people when the sun is a problem in their space. Do you experience glare on your technology screens like televisions and computers? Or perhaps you require immediate and total privacy. If so, blinds have you covered. However, when blinds are closed, they eliminate the best parts about windows: views and natural light.

The Bad

Blinds block natural light and views of the outdoors. Additionally, they can also be tedious to clean and can ruin the aesthetic of your interior if you’re going for an open, spacious feel. Another factor many don’t consider is that blinds may not effectively prevent solar heat gain in your home. Blinds absorb solar heat and act as a conductor to radiate the solar heat into your home. 

In addition to failing to control solar heat gain, blinds may also not adequately protect your space from ultraviolet rays. Did you know UV rays can still harm furnishings, floorings, and even people while indoors? Unfortunately, simply closing the blinds may not be enough to keep objects and people safe from UV exposure. When absolute privacy is the end goal, blinds might be your choice. However, if you’re looking for sun control without limitations, you need a comprehensive, effective solution.

Window Film: Let in the Light, Without the Worry

With 3M Window Film, you can welcome natural light into your space without the negative side effects of the sun. 3M Window Film addresses factors such as UV rays, solar heat gain, and glare all while maintaining the view and aesthetics of your windows. In fact, 3M  Prestige Sun Control Window Film reduces glare and rejects up to 97% of the sun’s infrared heat without eliminating natural light. This results not only in increased occupant comfort but also lower energy bills!

Additionally,  all 3M Sun Control Window Film rejects 99% of UV rays, which are the leading cause of fading. 3M Sun Control Window Film is also recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation to protect your skin from harmful UV rays while inside your home. 

If privacy is a concern, 3M Decorative and Privacy Window Film can be create subtle privacy. Cover glass with gradients, patterns, or a frosted layer of window film. Keep in mind that decorative and privacy window films can create privacy without eliminating natural light as a whole. The result is slightly different from that of traditional blinds.

When your goal is total privacy for your space, blinds can completely block views. However, if you wish to benefit from heat rejection, UV protection, and lower energy bills, 3M Window Film offers a comprehensive solution. Don’t choose between natural light and protection from the sun. With window film, you can achieve the best of both worlds.

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