Security film for windows holds glass in place like in this image of an interior window to a public building that has broken.

Does Security Film for Windows Work? A Look at Impact Testing on 3M Ultra 800

Tim Traxler3M, Safety & Security

In today’s world, the importance of window security in various settings—schools, offices, and residential spaces—cannot be overstated. With talk of security film for windows increasing, you might wonder: does security film for windows work? In this blog, we’ll delve into impact testing done on security films and the results of these tests, focusing on the example of Ultra 800, an industry-leading product in the security window film space.

What is Security Film for Windows and Why is it Important?

Security film is a protective layer applied to windows to enhance their resilience in the face of intentional or unintentional impacts. Its primary function is to hold broken glass in place, reducing the risk of flying glass shards and unwanted entry. These hazards can be life-threatening, and security film for windows serves as a crucial line of defense on glass windows and doors that may be susceptible to severe weather, break-ins, or other unwanted scenarios.

Rigorous Testing Procedures

To validate the effectiveness of security films, extensive impact testing is conducted by product manufacturers like 3M engineers, as well as law enforcement officers. Products like Ultra 800 undergo rigorous evaluations using various instruments, including baseball bats and other items commonly used to breach indoor spaces. The tests are performed on different types of glass as well, ranging from double pane annealed to double pane tempered glass, with thicknesses varying from ¼’’ to 1”.

Proven Safety Outcomes

Security film for windows can significantly lengthen the time it takes for an intruder to breach an indoor space — from a matter of seconds to up to two minutes. This additional time is invaluable, giving inhabitants and first responders more time to respond to the situation and mitigate damages. Ultra 800 has consistently shown improved safety outcomes in impact tests, effectively deterring forced entry by increasing the time required to penetrate an indoor space.

Ultra 800: The Gold Standard for Security Film for Windows

Ultra 800 sets the gold standard when it comes to security film for windows. With a 253 lb break strength, it offers unparalleled window security. In practical terms, this means that a force of 253lb would need to be applied to break the glass. Additionally, Ultra 800 is a clear film that allows 87% of visible light to pass through while rejecting 99% of UV light, making it a great option for learning, living, working, and leisure environments as you can still see outside and benefit from natural light while protecting against the negative effects of UV light. When used with an IPA (Impact Protection Adhesive), Ultra 800 provides the ultimate protection by not only holding broken glass in place but by preventing the glass panel from being blown in (often a concern in severe weather events)

Let PA Window Tint Help You Secure Your Space with Ultra 800

Ultra 800 stands out as an effective solution for enhancing window security. Its rigorous testing and proven safety outcomes make it a reliable choice for anyone looking to bolster the security of their indoor spaces. Whether you’re seeking extra protection for your home, school, place of worship, workspace, or any other building you utilize, Ultra 800 should be at the top of your list. And with trusted dealers like PA Window Tint, you’re assured of quality and service every step of the way. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you fortify your glass windows and doors with Ultra 800.

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