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Schools across Pennsylvania are safeguarding their campuses with 3M Safety & Security window film, which can help fortify glass when you need protection the most. Security window film can give you additional time to react during situations involving terrorist attacks, active shooters,  bomb blasts, and natural disaster situations. Give your students peace of mind from the first day of class to the day they graduate with 3M window film.


Why Protect Your Windows?

You may have the latest and greatest security systems installed on your campus, but you might be missing one spot: your windows. While windows allow for plenty of natural light, they’re the easiest way for an intruder to enter your building.

3M security window film deters intruders from gaining access into a building. Security window film’s tear resistant properties make it extremely difficult to break through the glass and create a body-sized hole. This film will hold the glass fragments in place if they should be broken.  In addition to the film, we install an Impact Protection Attachment System that anchors the film to the frame of the window or door. Safety & security window film with an Impact Protection Attachment System can grant up to two minutes for occupants and first responders to react to the situation.

Window Film: Saving Lives on 9/11

Our lives were changed forever on 9/11. As we continue to fight the battle against terrorism, we can take precautionary measures to prevent future tragedies from happening.

During the terrorist attack on the Pentagon on September 11, 2001, security window film was credited with saving hundreds of lives. Safety films for windows like these, otherwise known as Fragment Retention Film, offer ideal protection during emergencies like terrorist attacks. Glass located near an explosion may implode at high velocities in tiny shards, acting as daggers, and prove fatal to building occupants. In fact, this is the second highest cause of death in a terrorist attack.

Hurricane & Bomb Blast Protection

3M Safety & Security film protects your students and faculty during natural disasters or bomb blasts. This film, along with the Impact Protection Attachment System, mitigates glass shatter and holds the glass pane in its frame should a bomb explode.

Disaster strikes when we least expect it. 3M Safety & Security window film is a security system you do not have to turn on. Take the next step in securing your campus and talk to a window film expert today.

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