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Safety & Security Window Film In Schools

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With the rise of mass shootings and bomb threats, schools across the country are taking no risks when it comes to protecting their students. The state of Pennsylvania was awarded $60 million dollars in grants in June of 2018 to reassess school safety and security. Act 44 mandates reviews of current safety practices and brand new safety training in every public school. The School Safety Act ensures proper training for students, faculty members, and safety officers should an act of terror occur.

Act 44 also calls for local businesses to come in and help schools revamp their security systems. Many educators are choosing to install window film for school safety. 3M Safety & Security window film is a shatter-resistant film that was credited to saving lives during the 2001 attacks on the Pentagon and has since been installed in thousands of government and school buildings around the US.

In 2012, the city of Cincinnati started a program called SAFE to better protect its Jewish community from Anti-Semitic hate crimes. SAFE Director, Mark Dowd, started researching viable options to safeguard a local Jewish high school. His search led him to local 3M window film dealers who were able to install 2,000 square feet of window film for school safety in just two days! Dowd says this invisible security measure gives the students another layer of protection and the city peace of mind.

While political discussions continue to heat up, educational leaders must find ways to safeguard their schools from intruders and threats. 3M Safety & Security window film provides a long-term solution for principals, educators, and students seeking peace amidst chaos and uncertainty.

What is 3M Safety & Security Window Film?

3M Safety & Security window film is an adhesive film applied to the inside of glass windows or doors and is engineered to hold shattered glass together. In addition to keeping intruders out, these qualities can mitigate injuries from glass shards should windows or doors burst. Thus, it can protect students, faculty, and staff against natural disasters or bomb explosions. 

Window film for school safety is protection you don’t have to turn on or off. Regardless of alarms or locks, glass surfaces like windows and doors provide an easy-access point for intruders. Window film helps fortify those glass surfaces to make break-ins substantially more difficult. At PA Window Tint, we install an IPA Structural Adhesive System, which provides additional protection to your windows and doors. This is necessary for providing the protection your students, faculty, and staff need.

Whether the intruder is using a bat, crowbar, or gun, security window film creates a sealed barrier. Because of our IPA system, it can take at least two minutes for the intruder to make significant leeway into the building. Two minutes may not seem like much, but it makes all the difference in giving your staff and first-responders additional time to react. The durability of the film and IPA system can also leave the attacker exhausted and in a panic, giving you even more time.

How Long Does Window Film for Schools Last?

3M Safety & Security Ultra Series films can last for 10 or 15 years before needing replacement. 3M Safety & Security films come with a 3M commercial warranty should bubbling, cracking, peeling, or glass breakage occur. Additionally, our IPA system can add up to two years to your 3M commercial warranty. 

3M Safety & Security films can give your students peace of mind from the first day of class to the day they graduate. As we try to find common ground to protect our country against tragedy, you can rest assured knowing that with window film for school safety, each and every student, teacher, or staff member is safe. Prevent another tragedy and talk to a PA Window Tint expert about securing your school today.

3M window film only takes a few days to install and is handled by professionals only. To learn about our safety window films, fill out a form online and we will pair you with a knowledgeable representative to help you find the right window film for your school or university. You can also give us a call at to 1-800-978-9756 to schedule an appointment and receive your free quote.