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Few home improvements contribute as much value to the quality of daily life as the specialized 3M residential tints. These specially designed, residential window films offer property owners the ability to enjoy spectacular views without sacrificing energy efficiency or privacy.

Allow PA Window Tint to change the way you see your home. Our home window tinting professionals are licensed 3M window film dealers with nearly 25 years of experience! With a location in Bellefonte, PA and another in York, PA, our team has the ability to complete projects throughout the entire state of Pennsylvania and beyond.

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Benefits of Window Tinting for Homes

There are several reasons why you should invest in window tinting for your home. One of the biggest benefits is lower energy costs. A tinted window lowers energy costs because the tinted film decreases heat gain on hot days and heat loss on cold days. On very hot days, the tinted film can dramatically improve air conditioning performance.

The heat from the sun can seriously damage delicate furnishings. Although curtains are helpful, they completely block the view of the outdoors. Window tinting is a better option because the film blocks the sun’s rays without compromising the view. The sun’s ultraviolet rays are also harmful to skin. By placing a window film on your window, you can reduce the negative effects of the rays by 90 percent.

Window tint provides protection during an accident because the films can hold glass fragments in place. If someone shatters a glass window that doesn’t have a tinted film, tiny pieces of glass will fly everywhere. If you choose a security film, the film will remain on the window after the glass is broken, holding the glass in place. In climates susceptible to hurricanes, this is a huge benefit because the film will keep water out of the home until the window is repaired.

A home needs plenty of direct sunlight since natural light minimizes the need to use electrical lighting. However, if a home gets too much sunlight, there will be a glare in certain areas, which will make relaxing difficult. Window tint can eliminate most of the glare without totally dimming the space.

When installed properly, residential window tints present countless advantages for homeowners everywhere. Selecting a 3M window film for your home provides several ways to increase the comfort and security of residential properties cost-effectively:

Use residential window tinting to overcome the damaging impacts of bright, glaring sunlight

Select window films to optimize indoor cooling and heating energy efficiency

Enjoy refreshingly cooler, illuminated interiors during the summer without leaving windows ajar

Eliminate furniture and upholstery fading damage

Obtain privacy tinting that mimics frosted or etched glass

Enjoy decorative glass finishes in colors and shades of your selection

Privacy Window Films for Every Home

There’s no better feeling than knowing your family is safe and secure. Thanks to the privacy films our team installs, you can rest assured knowing that your home is protected.

With a true privacy window film in place, outsiders are unable to see into your home. There’s no need to worry about a privacy window film ruining the look of your home! Home window tints are virtually unnoticeable, which means your residency remains in its true beauty. PA Window Tint, Inc. offers these residential window tinting services in York, Harrisburg, Reading, Bellefonte, and surrounding locations.

Increasing Home Value with Residential Films

Can you envision your home with attractively tinted windows and sliding glass doors? The use of premium privacy window films and other products from 3M offers real estate developers and homeowners a powerful tool for crafting lovely interior décors. Your home window tint can also improve the appearance of residential exteriors in an appealing way by reducing light reflectivity.

One of the best features about the home window films we carry is their durability. They do not wrinkle, crimp, or become apparent along the edges of the window. By utilizing window tints designed for homes, 3M has helped to engineer some of the industry’s best films for windows, sliding glass doors, and decorative surfaces!

The possibilities are truly endless when it comes to privacy window films and other styles of window tints for your home. Should you ever decide to install a different window tinting shade to complement an interior decorating change, you can easily replace an existing film with a new one. Additionally, the use of a film still permits easy and complete window cleaning using microfiber cloths or sponges and a glass cleaning solution.

PA Window Tint has the solution for homeowners in Pennsylvania to increase privacy and save on energy costs. Our talented team offers convenient, fast service at the locations below, as well as the extended surrounding areas.

Residential Service Areas:

 York, PA
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 Harrisburg, PA
 Hershey, PA
 Lebanon, PA
 Altoona, PA
 Clearfield, PA
 Dubois, PA
 Huntington, PA
 Lewistown, PA
 State College, PA
 Williamsport, PA

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