Young woman sits with a warm drink looking out at her snow covered view, thankful for reduced window glare from 3M window film protection.

Combatting Winter Glare: How Window Film Reduces Window Glare 

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As the winter months approach, one common challenge that many face is the increased glare from windows. The sun’s lower position in the sky during this season can lead to more intense and bothersome glare, impacting everything from comfort in your home to productivity in the workplace. Fortunately, window films like Night Vision 15, Affinity 15, and P-18 offer effective solutions to reduce window glare. Keep reading to learn how these films can help you combat window glare, in the winter as well as year-round.

Understanding Winter Glare

Winter glare is more intense than at other times of the year. This is due to the position of the sun in the sky. As it sits lower in the sky, the sun’s rays cause light to enter windows at a sharper angle. Additionally, the reflection of sunlight off snow can amplify this glare, creating discomfort and visibility issues in homes and offices on snowy days. 

Reducing Window Glare with Window Film 

While there are other solutions to addressing glare from windows, most come with other negative effects, like blocking natural light or having to adjust the blinds frequently. Not to mention that more traditional options lack the extra benefits that glare control window film provides. Thus, window films are a practical, easy solution to mitigate the harsh glare of winter sunlight. They can be applied to existing windows, offering a cost-effective way to enhance comfort and visibility. Films like Night Vision 15, Affinity 15, and P-18 are specifically designed to address glare while maintaining the aesthetics of your space.

Night Vision 15: Glare Reduction with Superior UV Safety 

Night Vision 15 is a great choice for those looking to reduce window glare. This film is the darkest in 3M’s Night Vision line, offering superior glare reduction. Night Vision films are named because they allow you to see clearly through your windows at night (instead of seeing your reflection) in addition to during the day. These films not only minimize glare but also block harmful UV rays (rejecting 99.9% of UV light) and maintain natural light, making Night Vision 15 an ideal solution for residential and commercial spaces alike.

Affinity 15: Balancing Comfort and Privacy

Affinity 15 is the best option for reducing winter glare. This film also  has substantial heat blocking  properties at an economical price. Affinity 15 will eliminate glare by 91%.  Along with other 3M sun control films, it blocks 99% of UV rays. This film also has exterior reflection properties, making it a good choice for daytime privacy concerns.

P-18: A Strong Pick for External Aesthetics and Heat Reduction

This silver reflective film is great at reducing glare from the sun as well as blocking heat gain. A great option for commercial buildings, the exterior qualities of this film give buildings a uniform appearance for increased aesthetic appeal. This film reduces glare by 82% while also rejecting heat by up to 54% on clear double pane windows.

Let PA Window Tint Help Reduce Your Window Glare

Dealing with winter glare doesn’t have to be a struggle. By choosing the right window film, you can significantly reduce window glare and enhance the comfort of your indoor spaces. Whether it’s Night Vision 15, Affinity 15, P-18, or another one of our high-quality 3M films, each film offers unique benefits to meet your specific needs. Our experts at PA Window Tint are ready to help you find the best film for your space. Call us today at 1-866-329-0064 or fill out a form for reduced glare and increased comfort all year long.

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