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Protect Your Commercial Space with Window Film

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You invest a lot in your commercial space: time, money, and care. All of that indicates that you should protect your commercial space with the same level of investment. After all, unexpected events such as inclement weather, active shooters, or break-ins can turn your business upside down. Repairs, should something bad happen, are not only expensive, but they can also result in downtime for your business operations.  While you cannot predict unwanted events, you can prepare and protect your commercial space from unforeseen catastrophes.

There are three ways to fortify glass surfaces: bullet resistant glass, laminated glass, and security window film. Bullet resistant glass and laminated glass usually require different glazing than the existing windows and can be very costly. The simplest solution to fortify your glass surfaces is window film! Window film can be installed using your existing glazing and it is the least costly way to fortify glass surfaces. 

About Safety & Security Window Film

3M Safety and Security Window Film adds a layer of protection to windows. Designed to stretch instead of tear, these films hold the glass in place in the event that it is shattered. This protects both people and property within your space from the dangers of flying shards of glass. The immaculate tear resistant properties of 3M Safety and Security Window Film also make it difficult for someone to create a body-sized hole that they can fit through.  Additionally, safety and security film can be paired with an Impact Protection Attachment System for maximum security. Impact Protection Attachment Sealants anchor the window film to the frame of the window. This makes it much more difficult for someone to break out the windowpane. During a bomb blast, the IPA secures the glass in the frame, decreasing the likelihood that the entire glass pane blows inward. 

How Can Safety & Security Window Film Help Your Business?

Deter Crime

While many people consider windows a desirable feature, offering beautiful views and natural lighting, they also make your space more susceptible to break-ins. After all, windows are one of the most vulnerable points of a building envelope, and the first place many criminals attempt to break-in. With regular tempered or annealed glass, it takes only seconds to gain access to a building. Windows that have 3M Safety and Security Window Film installed deter forced entry due to the extended time involved to gain entry and the surprise factor that the window is not breaking as normal.

Protect Against Inclement Weather

Hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, thunderstorms — while sometimes we know they’re coming, they often spring up on us. Even if you’re aware, your space may not be ready to protect itself from inclement weather. Don’t get caught off guard when a natural disaster approaches. Prepare and protect your commercial space with 3M Safety and Security Window Film.

Reduce Downtime in the Event of Damage

If a window is broken, either from a storm or a break-in, your business needs a quick solution to minimize the downtime of operations. When a window without safety and security window film breaks, all operations must halt until you replace the glass, which costs time and money. Safety and security window film eliminates the need for immediate window replacement, allowing for continuity of operations until the glazier is able to fix the broken window.

Where Can You Use 3M Safety & Security Window Film?

Safety and security window film, like 3M Ultra 800, can increase the level of protection of many different commercial spaces. Improve the safety of your storefront or restaurant, or increase the protection of your office space. Additionally, safety and security window films can be utilized in schools and places of worship for enhanced safety. In fact, schools and places of worship around the country can apply for grants that provide funding for safety-related technologies such as window film. Protect your commercial space and the people and property within it using safety and security window film.

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