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Product Spotlight: 3M Night Vision Window Film

Tim TraxlerNight Vision Window Film

Outdoor views, a naturally lit space, and an open environment are just a few of the benefits windows provide. However, many people don’t realize the negative side effects of windows until an issue arises! The sun’s light produces glare, damaging ultraviolet rays, and uncomfortable interior temperatures. Sure, you could cover up your windows with blinds or curtains, but you’ll eliminate your view of the outdoors. That’s where window film comes in, particularly, 3M Night Vision Window Film!

Experience Clear Views & Sun Control

3M Night Vision Window Film can combat the negative side effects of the sun without eliminating natural light as a whole. By rejecting up to 71% of the sun’s heat and up to 82% of glare, occupants will enjoy enhanced comfort. Not to mention, its heat-rejecting abilities can also allow for energy savings! This window film allows 15% to 35% of natural light into your space during the day, and because of its low interior reflectivity, occupants can enjoy clearer outdoor views by night.

night vision window film residential installation
Night Vision Window Film Residential Installation

With 3M Night Vision Window Film, You’ll Enjoy:

Increased Comfort

The impeccable heat rejection and glare reduction that Night Vision Window Film provides leads to increased occupant comfort. So say goodbye to the bothersome glare that casts across TV screens and the uncomfortable hot spots created by the sun’s heat.

Lower Energy Bills

When the sun enters through windows and heats up interiors, it can put a strain on HVAC systems as they must work hard to maintain the desired indoor temperature. As a result, the HVAC system experiences excessive wear and tear, and energy bills rise. Because Night Vision Window Film rejects up to 71% of the sun’s heat, you’ll not only experience comfortable temperatures but also improved energy efficiency.

Enhanced Views

A notable feature of 3M Night Vision Window Film is its low interior reflectivity. This allows for enhanced outdoor views at night. Not to mention, depending on the level of tint you choose, you can experience enhanced privacy during the day. However, it’s important to keep in mind that Night Vision Window Film won’t provide privacy at night. If you’re inside at night with the lights on, passersby will likely be able to see indoors because the greatest source of light is in your home or commercial space.

UV Protection

Many homeowners and business owners don’t realize that damaging UV rays can penetrate their windows. As a result, furniture, flooring, and artwork can fade. Furthermore, UV rays can harm the skin of occupants, even indoors! 3M Night Vision Window Film rejects up to 99% of UV rays for increased protection of both property and people.

Commercial Night Vision Window Film
Night Vision Window Film Commercial Application

Lower energy bills, UV protection, increased comfort, and enhanced outdoor views? Night Vision Window Film can improve both residential and commercial spaces in more ways than one. Rather than completely blocking your views and sunlight with blinds or curtains, consider investing in Night Vision Window Film!

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