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Product Spotlight: 3M LE 70 Insulating Window Film

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As the weather gets cooler, homeowners and business owners will be cranking up the heat in residential and commercial spaces to stay cozy. However, poorly insulated windows may inhibit the ability to truly feel warm in your space! Not to mention, if your windows are not adequately insulated, you could be wasting energy and money pumping warm air into the space, only to have it seep out the windows. Luckily, 3M Sun Control LE 70 Insulating Window Film can improve window insulation and more!

Why are Windows Inefficient?

Inefficient windows are one of the main culprits when it comes to high energy bills. In fact, heat gain and loss through windows can account for up to 25% of a home’s heating and cooling energy use. In commercial buildings, windows are directly responsible for 8.6% of energy use, and influence other factors that account for 43% of energy use. Imagine how much you could be saving on energy bills by addressing your property’s inefficient windows!

A poorly insulated window can have difficulty retaining heat indoors in the winter, causing discomfort and high energy bills. In the summer, inefficient windows can allow too much heat to enter the home, making it challenging to keep cool. Whether in your home or office, improving the insulating properties of windows is crucial to energy efficiency. That’s where 3M Sun Control LE 70 Insulating Window Film can help!

How Can LE 70 Improve the Energy Efficiency of Your Windows?

3M Sun Control LE 70 window film can help to improve window insulation, retaining manmade heat in the winter and rejecting the sun’s heat in the summer. As a result, these films provide increased comfort and enhanced energy efficiency year-round. Like most of our 3M window film products, LE 70 window film also helps to protect your furniture and flooring from fading caused by UV exposure. So if you’re looking for ways to save money and increase comfort in your home, consider investing in 3M Sun Control LE 70 window film.

Benefits of LE 70 Insulating Window Film:

  • Provides energy savings for a greener building and lower energy bills
  • Retains heat in winter months
  • Reduces solar heat gain in the warmer months
  • Helps maintain a consistent interior temperature for improved comfort and less strain on HVAC systems
  • Rejects UV rays, prolonging the life of furniture and flooring while also protecting occupants’ skin
  • Allows you to maintain natural light and outdoor views

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If you are looking for a way to improve the insulation of your windows and save on energy costs in your home or office, 3M Sun Control LE 70 window film may be the solution for you. This film can help retain heat in winter and reduce solar heat gain in the summer, leading to increased comfort, energy efficiency, and savings all year round. To learn more about this product or get a quote for installation, contact PA Window Tint today!

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