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Prevent Furnishings & Floors From Fading

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Are you looking to protect your furniture, rugs, and floors from fading? 3M window film can add years to your furnishings and prevent discoloration or ware on the interior of your home. It can even protect your skin from harmful UV rays that cause cancer, age spots, and more.

How does 3M window film work?

3M window film is a thin polyester layer applied to the interior side of your home or office windows. We recommend Prestige Sun Control film to provide maximum protection against the sun. This film blocks up to 99% of UV light and 97% of infrared rays while allowing plenty of natural light to stream through. It also reduces glare and allows for energy savings year-round.

Many people fear that window film will significantly darken their windows, but that’s not the case. We offer multiple window films that vary in opacity and tints that are virtually unnoticeable. To learn more about our sun control films, contact a member of our team and schedule a free consultation.

How to protect hardwood floors

Installing hardwood flooring is an investment. The average American spends $3 to $5 per square foot on hardwood flooring. And that doesn’t even cover the $3 to $10 installation cost per square foot! While the cost of a beautiful hardwood floor is well worth it, it’s important to protect it from fading and discoloration.

Have you ever lifted up your rug and been reminded of what your floors once looked like? The sun can take a toll on your floors almost immediately after installation. But window film’s UV blocking properties can add years to your flooring while allowing plenty of sunlight to brighten your space. There’s no need for bulky curtains and excessive floor treatments with window film!

How to protect furnishing

Window film can also protect your furniture from the hot sun. The combination of harmful UV rays and a hot environment will ware significantly on your furnishings over time. While it’s important to treat and clean your furniture, protection from direct sunlight is vital. Window film helps moderate the temperature of your home and eliminate 99% of UV rays.  This saves you money and helps to preserve furnishings, without sacrificing natural light.

Think of window film as sunglasses for your home or office. You can still enjoy the view and plenty of natural light, but you’re also protected from the sun’s harmful effects that can reach you indoors. If you want to increase the lifetime of your flooring and furnishings, we recommend a UV blocking window film along with regular treatments and cleanings. Both are necessary to keep your home in tip-top shape.

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