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National Safety Month: Increase Safety with Window Film

Tim TraxlerSafety & Security

June is National Safety Month! In 1996, the National Safety Council deemed June National Safety Month. The purpose of this month is to focus on providing a safe environment for workers. While there are many ways to improve workplace safety, one solution, in particular, can prepare your space for the unexpected: window film. Learn how you can increase safety with window film!

Windows Are a Threat to Your Space

While a window-filled workplace allows for natural lighting and outdoor views, it also opens your space to various threats. For example, because windows can easily break, intruders can quickly gain access to your space. Or, a flying tree branch in an afternoon thunderstorm can shatter your windows, causing damage and potential harm. When windows break, they can not only welcome threats into your space, but flying shards of glass can cause damage and harm those inside. While we certainly can’t predict these events, we can prepare our space to protect workers from harm and danger. That’s where window film comes in!

Fortify Windows with Safety & Security Window Film

3M Safety and Security Window Film adheres to existing windows and glass doors, adding a virtually invisible layer of protection. If glass breaks, these films hold the glass in place! This can deter an intruder from gaining access to your space because it makes the glass challenging to penetrate. It also buys occupants extra time to react in an emergency. In addition, its ability to hold the glass in place minimizes the harm caused by flying shards of glass.

3M Safety and Security Window Film can be used in:

  • Offices
  • Restaurants
  • Schools
  • Government Buildings
  • Places of Worship
  • Homes

A window without safety and security film not only opens your space to potential hazards, but if it breaks, it will need replacement and cause potential operational downtime. 3M Safety and Security Window Film can minimize operational downtime by holding the glass in place until you can replace the film.

3M Safety and Security Films protect against:

  • Break-ins
  • Inclement weather
  • Natural disasters
  • Bomb blasts

Take Security to the Next Level with IPA Attachment Systems

In the event of a bomb blast, the entire window pane can be blown inward. Luckily, you can pair 3M Safety and Security Window Films with impact protection adhesives (IPA) attachment systems for extra security. The primary purpose of IPA Attachment Systems is to anchor the film and the glass to the window frame. So, further increase security by pairing 3M Safety and Security Window Film with an IPA Attachment System!

For National Safety Month, consider investing in 3M Safety and Security Film to increase safety. Rest assured knowing that your space will receive round-the-clock protection through the use of this film. Protect occupants and property from inclement weather, break-ins, and more! Contact our team at PA Window Tint to find the perfect film for your space.

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