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How to Keep Your House Warm this Winter

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It is almost the holiday season! While that means time spent with friends and family, it also means that cold weather is upon us. With this in mind, your home should be a place you can go to seek comfort from the cold! Learn how you can keep your house warm this winter so you can enjoy a comfortable holiday season.

Change Your Air Filters

Is it time to replace your air filter? While this is a task that can sometimes be overlooked, it can impact the interior temperature of your home. If your air filter is clogged, it makes it difficult for air to pass through it. As a result, your HVAC system will have to work harder to create the desired interior temperature, driving up heating bills. Not to mention, if the filter goes unchanged for too long, this can cause damage to your HVAC system! Set a reminder for yourself to change your air filter every three months as an easy way to keep your home warm and energy bills lower.

Utilize Your Ceiling Fan

Did you know that your ceiling fan can go in two different directions? Another surprising fact is that one direction is right for summer, and the other works better in the winter. In the winter, it is recommended that your fan spin clockwise. This moves the cold air to the ceiling, forcing the already risen warm air down to the floor. A fan spinning clockwise helps disperse the heat from the ceiling throughout the rest of the room to make it feel warmer.

Let In the Light

When in doubt, utilize the sun’s light! Have you ever felt extra warm next to a window when the sun is shining through? During the daytime, open up blinds and curtains to welcome the sun into your space. The sun’s afternoon light will certainly warm up your home.

Unfortunately, welcoming the sun’s light into your space means enduring some unpleasant side effects. Bothersome glare and damaging UV rays are a byproduct of the sun’s light, causing discomfort for occupants and causing flooring and furniture to fade. Luckily, a solution like window film can allow the sunlight to enter your space without the negative side effects! Not to mention, it can help your home stay warm in the cool winter months.

Invest in 3M Thinsulate Window Film

While all of these solutions can help keep your house warm, 3M Thinsulate Insulating Window Film is a comprehensive solution that provides benefits year-round. 3M Thinsulate Window Film improves the insulation of windows, improving the insulating abilities of a single pane window to that of a double, and a double-pane window to that of a triple! This helps to retain manmade heat in the cool winter months, creating comfortable interiors. Not to mention, it takes some of the work off of the HVAC system, lowering energy bills.

In addition to improving window insulation, 3M Thinsulate Window Film can also minimize glare and block up to 99% of UV rays. This window film not only has the ability to provide energy savings and increased comfort in the winter but also in the summer! 3M Thinsulate Window Film has the ability to reject the sun’s heat during the heat of summer, allowing for cool, comfortable interiors. In fact, window film users see an average of 30% energy savings within the first few months of the installation! Don’t let mother nature control the temperature of your home. With 3M Thinsulate Window Film, you can create comfortable temperatures and lower energy bills.

This winter, ensure you can enjoy time with friends and family in a comfortable, warm home. While there are many different solutions to improve the warmth of your home, 3M Thinsulate Window Film is the optimal solution that you can reap benefits from year-round, and in the years to come! Talk to one of our window film experts to learn more about the benefits of window film.

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