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How To Insulate Windows For Year-Round Comfort

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When you think about window insulation, what comes to mind? Do you imagine barricading yourself from the cold with bubble wrap and thick black-out curtains? Over the years, we’ve come a long way with insulating technology. With 3M Thinsulate, you can enjoy virtually clear insulation that keeps you warm in the winter and cool during the summer months. You can keep this removable film on your windows all year long and enjoy the benefits every single season. 

Just think… no more thermostat wars or outrageous energy bills. Clearer views of the outdoors. UV protection for your skin and furnishings. And the best part? It’s backed by a 3M warranty. Here’s how to insulate windows for year-round comfort. 

Keep Cool All Summer Long with Window Insulation Film 

Many people don’t think about insulating their home or office windows until autumn. But 3M Thinsulate 40 provides added UV protection in addition to its temperature control qualities. This slightly tinted film can add years to your air conditioning systems, furniture, and skin. It also blocks hot air from the outdoors from seeping through your window panes and heating up your space. Simultaneously, its insulating properties help keep cool air from escaping outside. 

While this is a popular film for homeowners, it’s also beneficial to many businesses, schools, hospitals, and other commercial buildings. Window film can help increase workplace productivity and make your company a bit greener by adding points to your LEED certification.

Springs and summers with Thinsulate entail:

  • Lower energy bills
  • Cool, comfortable, and stable indoor temperatures
  • Elongated lifetime for your A/C
  • UV and glare protection

Insulate Your Windows for Warm Winters & Energy Savings

Put the bubble wrap away and invest in the clear choice for insulating windows during the winter. This one-time installation will last for years and won’t block the beautiful, snowy views. You can even stand next to the window without feeling the cold seeping through! 

Thinsulate 40 makes the sun and its bright reflection off the snow much more manageable by reducing glare. All while blocking 99% of harmful UV rays that can fade your furnishings and floors. In addition to warm indoor temperatures, you’ll notice a drop in your heating and oil bills

In short, winters with 3M Thinsulate mean:

  • Lower energy bills 
  • Years added to your heating systems
  • Fewer fights over the thermostat
  • Protecting from harmful UV rays that can damage skin, floors, and furnishings all year long

There’s no need to DIY and learn how to install insulating window film. We’ll take care of if for you! 3M window film is installed by certified, local 3M dealers with years of experience. Call today for a free quote on 3M Thinsulate 40 window film and prepare your home windows for every season. 

PA Window Tint has served home and business owners in Central PA for over 25 years. We are honored to be qualified as 3M Prestige dealers, offering superior-grade insulating window films and impeccable installations. If you’re interested in Thinsulate 40, give us a call at to 1-800-978-9756 to schedule an appointment and receive your free quote.