How to Clean Window Film

How to Clean Window Film

Tim Traxler 3M, Tips & Tricks

You’ve invested in window film installations around your home or office, and now it’s time to clean them! It’s important to do your research and use the right products to avoid scratching or peeling your film.

We’ve created a step-by-step guide with instructions and the best store-bought and homemade products to use to clean window film.

DIY: Make Your Own Window Film Cleaner

To create your own window film cleaning solution, you’ll need:

  1. To begin, squirt a small amount of mild dish soap into your bowl or bucket. Swirl your sudsy solution around in the bowl until bubbles form and squeeze out your sponge a bit.
  2. Starting in a corner of the window, use gentle, circular motions until you’ve touched every inch of the glass.
  3. Quickly take your squeegee to a top corner of the window and begin to firmly wick the solution downward in a straight line, overlapping each stroke as you make your way across the window. You want to do this before the solution dries to avoid streaking.
  4. Take your lint-free towel and gently wipe the solution from the bottom window frames. If streaking occurs, follow up with a gentle glass cleaning solution listed below.

How to Clean Window Film with A Store-Bought Solution

If you’re looking for a quick way to clean your window film, you’ll need:

  • An ammonia-free cleaning solution (see recommendations below)
  • A lint-free towel
  1. With your lint-free towel at the ready, spray your non-ammonia-based cleaning solution into one corner of the window
  2. Wipe the solution away in a circular motion. Do not leave the cleaning solution on the windows for more than 10 seconds before wiping.
  3. Continue to clean the window in small sections, using a circular motion.

The Best Window Cleaners for Window Film

When using store-bought solutions to clean your tinted windows, it is important to select a solution without ammonia that comes in a spray bottle. Invest in lint-free towels instead of wipes or paper towels that may scratch your film.  We recommend:

Residential 3M Window Film is backed by a lifetime warranty that lasts as long as you own your home. To add years to your window film, we recommend treating your film with the utmost care. Be gentle when cleaning your windows and remember to use a soft sponge or link-free rag. For more tips on cleaning window film or information about installations, call PA Window Tint today!

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