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Grants for School Safety: Act 44

Tim TraxlerSafety & Security

School should be a safe space for children and teachers. It should be a space where students are able to focus on what’s most important — their education and future success. Governor Tom Wolf announced that the School Safety and Security Committee approved $40 million in school safety grants to 234 different schools. Additionally, $7.5 million went to community violence prevention with 25 grants across the state. Because of Act 44, school districts, technical and charter schools, and residential rehabilitation units have a maximum of $6 million that support activities of the statute.

About the Grants

The grant program was created to help schools take the steps they need in order to improve safety in the classroom. Additionally, they will help with the implementation of community strategies to prevent violence in classrooms. Activities warranted by the grants include installing security-related technology, preparing plans of action and more. Learn more about Act 44 and The School Safety and Security Committee here.

Equipment Grant

The Safe Schools Initiative Targeted Grant for Equipment provides funding for security-related technology. Applicants are reviewed through a competitive grant process to ensure that they meet application requirements. Chosen applicants will receive funding up to $25,000 for security equipment. Equipment includes metal detectors, protective lighting, emergency communications equipment and other security-related objects.

Program Grant

Applicants of the Safe Schools Initiative Targeted Grant for Programs may request up to $20,000. The purpose of this grant is to provide funding for programs that address school violence.

Grant for School Police Officer

The purpose of this grant is to enhance school security to address school violence. Accepted applicants of this grant will receive up to $40,000 in funding for training and compensation of a School Police Officer.

Grant for School Resource Officer

This grant will assist school entities, nonpublic schools, and police departments with funding for a school resource officer. Both municipalities and police departments are eligible to apply for this grant for up to $60,000.

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