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Achieve Enhanced Privacy & Aesthetics

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A major benefit of decorative and privacy window film is the ability to tastefully partition a room or space. In addition to enhanced aesthetics, 3M glass finishes can increase privacy. Window film is a budget-friendly alternative to costly acid or sandblasted glass etching. The application of 3M’s Privacy & Decorative window film is a fraction of the cost and produces the same results.

Decorative window film is also removable and covered by 3M’s comprehensive warranty. Ranging from opaque to semi-transparent, our privacy films can provide you with the tranquility you desire.

Window Films that Offer Privacy & Style

Customize your window privacy without blocking natural sunlight. We can replicate the look of textured glass with our decorative window film. With over 100 patterns and styles, you can choose the amount of privacy your space requires. We guarantee you’ll be astonished by the results as well as the price!

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Improving Safety While Increasing Style


Do you feel your home is just one storm away from harm? Are you constantly worried about break-ins or robberies? PA Window Tint’s privacy films can provide the assurance you desire. Our residential window film can protect your family from natural disasters and burglary. Window film acts a protective sheild, minimizing shatter and making break-ins more difficult. Talk to a window film expert to learn about the added benefits of 3M decorative film.

Looking to revamp your home or office on a budget? Our 3M decorative films provide the “wow factor” you’re looking for.
Captivate visitors with more than 100 glass finishes and create the space you’ve always imagined. Contact us for your free quote!

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