Fasara Decorative Films

Achieve Enhanced Privacy & Aesthetics

A major benefit of glass tinting is the ability to split up a room and partition sections of a space in a visually pleasing manner and with modern aesthetic. Besides the general energy inefficiency of glass, another weakness of glazed surfaces is the lack of privacy, so privacy window film has become extremely popular. A common solution to this problem in the past has been the costly process of acid etching glass to create a frosted window film appearance and hinder visibility, but not anymore!

The application of 3M’s Fasara and Scotchcal etched window film is a fraction of the cost of acid etching yet produces the same result; we create privacy and attractive visual effects without the high price of acid etching! And unlike acid etching, you can create custom patterns such as company logos for your office or geometric shapes to add interest to your home with our custom privacy window tinting. Our privacy window tint gives you the seclusion or separation you desire in your space and comes in a wide vareity of finishes ranging from opaque to semi-transparent. We can revamp any area with our privacy window film applications, so give us a call to learn more.

Window Films that Offer Privacy & Style

We can customize your window privacy and still allow light to shine through, creating an openness even in the smallest of spaces, by using frosted window film. We will transform your ordinary home or office window glass by making it look as if it was cut or textured glass with our frosted window film.

Our frosted glass finishes also allow you to choose the amount of privacy that your space requires, and an added bonus is that our frosted window film comes in many different patterns and styles to choose from. We promise that you will be astonished by the results as well as the price! Another extremely popular privacy window tint application that our company installs on a regular basis is decorative window film.

Improving Safety While Increasing Style

Do you feel your home is just one storm away from harm? Tired of the paranoia of being broken into or robbed? PA Window Tint’s privacy films for windows provide homeowners with the safety they desire. Our privacy window films are known for improving safety by protecting homes from both bad weather and attempted robberies.

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