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What kind of window film is there?

There are many different kinds of window films that address a variety of different needs for both residential and commercial spaces. 3M offers sun control , decorative,  privacy, and safety and security window film. For assistance in finding the right window film for your home or office, contact a 3M Authorized Window Film Dealer like PA Window Tint.  

3M Sun Control Window Film

If you want to enjoy the natural light and outdoor views that windows allow, without the negative side effect of the sun, 3M Sun Control Window Film is a great solution. The sun through windows brings bothersome glare, harmful UV rays, and uncomfortable hot spots with it. 3M Sun Control Window Films come in a variety of shades and lines, such as the 3M Prestige Series, 3M Low-E Window Film, and Daylight Redirecting Window Film. No matter which sun control window film you choose, you can welcome natural light into your space without the negative side effects of the sun. With sun control window film, you can look forward to increased occupant comfort and lower energy bills.

3M Safety and Security Window Film

3M Safety and Security Window Film can be applied to windows, acting as an additional layer of protection. When a window without a security window film is struck, it will break easily, sending shards of glass flying. On the other hand, when safety and security window film is applied to a window, its anti-fragmentation properties hold the glass fragments in place. This also makes it more difficult to gain access inside a home or building. Additionally , protecting those inside from bodily injury due to flying glass shards. 3M Safety and Security Window Film can also be combined with 3M Impact Protection Adhesive Attachment Systems, which anchors the film to the frame window for additional layer of protection. 

3M Decorative and Privacy Window Film

3M Decorative and Privacy Window Film comes in a variety of shades, gradients, colors, and patterns. From intricate patterns to frosted glass films, it can be a cost-effective alternative to solutions such as sandblasting or glass etching. Decorative and privacy window film can be used to uniquely enhance the aesthetics of interiors or to customize the level of privacy in your space, without sacrificing natural light. Popular applications include glass conference rooms, restrooms, partitions, and more. 3M Decorative Window Films are also able to be removed and are not permanent unlike sandblasting and glass etching. 

For more information about the kinds of window films that are available to meet the needs of your space, contact the window film professionals at PA Window Tint.