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What is the process to install window film?

Window film is installed to your existing windows, leading to minimal disruption and a seamless application process when done by a professional installer. Once you’ve chosen the right window film for your space, a certified installer from PA Window Tint, Inc.  will apply the film to your existing windows. The steps are as follows:

  1. We prepare the window area by placing drop cloths on the floor and moving surrounding furniture.
  2. Next, we clean the window with a water-based solution, scrape off any extra residue with razor blades to ensure that there is no dirt, debris, or dust remaining.
  3. Then, we spray down the window once more to ensure the glass is saturated with water.
  4. We remove the window film from its backing and spray down the film itself.
  5. Next, we use a technique called “floating the film” on the glass.  A water- based solution is used to apply the film to the glass. We use squeegees and other tools to ensure that the film adheres smoothly to the glass.
  6. Window film can be cut directly on the glass or by using a film cutter. This ensures that each piece of film can be customized to your windows.
  7. Lastly, we clean the window once more for a finished product. 

While many are tempted to install window film themselves, we recommend that people utilize professional installers like our staff at PA Window Tint, Inc.  This ensures that the film is installed properly, minimizing bubbles and streaks and allowing for a long-lasting application. Customers also receive a warranty through  3M to protect their investment. When installing window film yourself, you will have no warranty for the product. If you should ever want the film removed, we recommend a professional removal as well.  To ensure that glass looks good as new once the film is removed, it’s important to let a professional installer do the job. As a 3M Authorized Prestige Window Film Dealer with 28 years of experience, our team at PA Window Tint, Inc. is equipped with the knowledge and experience to provide customers with an exceptional application.