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What is the life expectancy of window film?

The life expectancy of window film is dependent upon multiple variables (climate, exposure to sun, etc…). The average life expectancy is ten years and beyond. However, many customers have had 3M window film on their windows for over twenty years.

Areas with high sun exposure might see a reduced lifespan due to UV intensity. The film’s orientation to the sun also impacts its durability, with south-facing installations often experiencing quicker degradation, decreasing the life expectancy of the window film.

Additionally, the quality of the film itself and the precision of the installation process critically affect longevity. Properly selected and professionally installed window films, especially those from reputable brands like 3M, are engineered for extended durability. 3M offers warranties on their films that range in length, with some offering 15 years of coverage. The quality of our films, along with the professional installations we provide at PA Window Tint is why our customers experience longer life expectancies on their window films, often enjoying 10+ years of window film benefits.