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What is the best window film?

Window film comes in a variety of shades, thicknesses, patterns, and colors to meet a variety of needs for both residential and commercial spaces. The best window film for your space will depend on your end goal, whether that be sun control, improved privacy, enhanced aesthetics, or increased security. 

While there are many types of window films on the market, 3M is a world leader in the development of adhesives and window films, holding the original patent for sun control window film. Rest assured knowing that you’ll receive a high-quality product and a professional installation by a 3M Authorized Window Film Dealer like PA Window Tint. Not to mention, 3M window films are backed by 3M comprehensive warranties for residential and commercial applications. Click here for more information on why so many choose 3M window film.

3M Window Films are backed by a limited lifetime warranty for residential applications and up to a 15-year warranty for commercial applications. This warranty covers material and labor, and protects against blistering, bubbling, cracking, discoloration, peeling, and more. As a 3M Authorized Dealer, PA Window Tint, Inc.  has the knowledge and experience to provide professional installations so that you can reap the benefits from window film and rest easy knowing you’re covered by 3M’s warranty. Click here to view our warranty page.

What’s the Best Window Film For …

Sun Control:

If your end goal is to minimize glare, prevent furnishings from fading, block excess heat, and even protect your skin, perhaps 3M Sun Control Window Film is the best option for your space. This window film can reject up to 97% of the sun’s infrared heat and up to 99% of UV rays, which can pose risks to skin health as well as create excess heat in your space. If you experience glare problems in your home or office and can’t see technology screens, we might suggest Night Vision Window Film, as it has great glare reduction, sun control, and the ability to improve privacy due to its darker tint. If you want to enjoy the benefits of sun control without changing the look of your space, we would suggest the 3M Sun Control Prestige Series. Click here to learn more about sun control window film.

For Privacy:

For improved privacy in your space, 3M Decorative and Privacy Window Film might be the best option. These films come in a wide array of patterns, colors, gradients, and more, ranging from an opaque, frosted film, to a decorative pattern. With these films, customize your level of privacy without sacrificing natural light. Additionally, the intricate patterns and unique designs of these films can enhance the aesthetics of your space, while still creating privacy. Click here to learn more about decorative and privacy window film.

For Safety and Security:

If your main concern is improving the security of your space, we would recommend 3M Safety and Security Window Film. This anti-fragmentation, tear-resistant film has the ability to hold the glass in place should it ever be broken. This makes it difficult to gain access inside a building, allowing occupants additional time to respond to the situation. 3M Safety and Security Window Films also prevents further damage and bodily injury from flying shards of glass. Prepare your space for unwanted events like break-ins, inclement weather, and bomb blasts. Click here for more information about safety and security window film.

Our knowledgeable staff at PA Window Tint, Inc. will work with you to find the best 3M window film product for your space. With years of experience and high-quality 3M products backed by a comprehensive warranty, you’ll enjoy your window film for years to come.