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What is security window film?

Security window film is a film of 8-mm or thicker that is applied directly to windows and attaches with a strong adhesive. Because windows are the most vulnerable point of residential or commercial spaces, they can pose many threats to people and property inside. Security window film is used to fortify windows, acting as an extra layer of protection. 

It helps hold glass fragments together and maintain a stronger barrier in the event that a window is broken. This buys extra time to react in the event of an emergency and reduces harm and damage from flying shards of glass. 

How Security Window Film Works: 

A window without security window film applied is easily breakable. For instance, in the event of a break-in, the burglar can easily gain access to your space in seconds by simply smashing the window. With 3M Safety and Security Window Film applied, breaking the glass of windows and doors is a lot more difficult. Due to its anti-fragmentation properties,  when glass is struck, instead of shattering and falling to the ground, window film can hold the glass fragments in place. 

These films are available in mirror-like reflective, tinted  or optically clear finishes. Depending on the level of privacy and desired aesthetics, you have the opportunity to customize your home or business. With security window film, your space is prepared and protected for unexpected events like natural disasters, break-ins, and other dangerous scenarios.

Take Security a Step Further with IPA Attachment Systems

Security window film can be combined with 3M Impact Protection Attachment Systems to enhance security even further. The 3M IPA anchors 3M Safety and Security window film to the window frame with a strong adhesive. So, while the security window film itself is designed to hold broken glass in place, Impact Protection Attachment systems are designed to anchor the filmed window to the window frame. 3M Safety and Security Window Film paired with 3M IPA sealant gives occupants an additional 2 minutes to respond on average. 3M Impact Protection Attachment systems adds an additional layer of protection, preparing your space for unexpected events like bomb blasts, inclement weather, and break-ins.

To learn more about 3M Safety and Security Window Film and 3M Impact Protection Attachment Systems, please visit our Safety and Security page or contact us at PA Window Tint to find the perfect window film for your space!