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How do you clean 3M Window Film?

Once window film has been installed on your home or office windows, the process to clean window film for clear, beautiful views is straightforward. Window film maintenance only requires common cleaning solutions, including ammonia-based products like Windex, which can be used to clean the surface at least 30 days after application. 

Keep in mind, it’s important to use soft items like paper towels or microfiber cloths when it comes time to clean window film, as abrasive cleaning agents like bristle brushes could scratch the surface of the film. 

Making Your Own Cleaning Solution:

While you can use store-bought cleaners such as Windex or Stoner Invisible Glass Premium Glass Spray, you can also make your own window film cleaning solution at home. To create your own window film cleaning solution, you will need the following items:

  • A soft sponge
  • A large bowl or small bucket filled with warm water
  • A squeegee
  • Mild, liquid dish soap
  • A lint-free towel

Cleaning Process:

Once you’ve gathered your supplies, follow these simple steps:

  1. Squirt a small amount of dish soap into your bowl or bucket. Then, mix together the soap and water until bubbles form.
  2. Next, make small, circular motions using the soft sponge. Be careful to avoid too much liquid around the edges of the frame, as this is where the film ends on the glass. 
  3. Once you’ve applied the solution to the glass, use the squeegee to wipe away excess solution in a straight line, overlapping each stroke as you make your way across the window. This is to avoid streaking once the solution dries.
  4. Once you’ve cleaned your windows and wiped off the excess solution with the squeegee, use your lint-free towel to wipe the solution from the bottom of the window frames. If streaking should occur, follow up with a gentle glass cleaner such as Windex. 

Whether you use a store-bought cleaning solution or make your own, it’s important to use a non-abrasive cleaning tool to ensure your film isn’t scratched or damaged. Maintaining beautiful, crystal-clear window film is simple with the proper cleaning process and tools!