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Can you apply window film to Plexiglas®?

Some 3M Window films can be installed to Plexiglas. However, 3M does not offer a warranty if the film is installed to plexiglass.

Additionally, many window films when applied to plexiglass will begin to bubble and peel from incompatible adhesion between the window film and the plastic polycarbonate. This is because the polycarbonate makeup of the plexiglass releases gasses that normal glass does not. 3M Insulating / Sun Control and Safety & Security Window Films are specifically designed for adhesion to glass surfaces and will not bubble as they do not release gasses like polycarbonates do when window film is applied to them.

Some window films, including 3M Fasara finishes may be applied to plexiglass as the adhesion on those films is built to withstand any outgassing that may occur.

As a general rule, it is always recommended to rely on expert window film installation services when applying window film projects to ensure long-lasting results and effective warranties.