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Can window film be used outside?

While window film is typically installed on the interior side of windows, there are several exterior window films that are designed to be installed on the outside surface of your window. These films are designed specifically for outdoor applications, with the different coatings of the film assembled in reverse order. 

Why Use Exterior Window Film? 

The design of exterior window film protects the film from the elements, and gives the film a longer shelf life than if an interior film would be installed on an exterior surface.  Exterior window film might be used if the windows in which the window film will be applied are not easily accessible from the inside of the building. For instance, some buildings might have masonry walls that are built very close to the window. As a result, it would be nearly impossible for a window film installer to work in a small area with their tools during the installation process. In a situation like this where the interior of windows is inaccessible from inside the building, we would recommend an exterior window film. 

Another reason to use exterior window films is heat reduction and aesthetics! 3M Prestige Exterior Series is a great sun control window film that has impeccable heat reduction.  Prestige Exterior 90 has comparable heat reduction to a darker window film like Night Vision 25, however, the Prestige film is essentially clear. 3M Prestige Exterior 70 allows in 70% of sunlight and reduces heat by 45% on a double paned window! 3M Prestige Exterior also eliminates 99% and can have up to 97% of infrared rejection.

3M Warranties

Depending on the type of 3M exterior window film product chosen, customers may have a 2-10 year warranty. For Safety & Security Window Film Exterior Series, there is a limited 7 year warranty for commercial and residential applications, and five years for sloped glazing. This warranty ensures that the product will maintain adhesion properties without blistering, bubbling, or delaminating, maintain its appearance without discoloring, and maintain strength, tear, and penetration resistance properties. 

The Sun Control Exterior Series is backed by a limited 2 year warranty for residential and commercial applications, and a one year warranty for sloped glazing. Lastly, the 3M Prestige Exterior Series is backed by a limited 10 year warranty, and 7 years for sloped glazing. The Sun Control Exterior Series and the Prestige Exterior Series warranty ensures that the film will maintain solar reflective properties without cracking or peeling, and that it will maintain adhesion properties without bubbling, blistering, or delaminating from the glass. 

Please contact a representative at PA Window Tint, Inc. to determine if an exterior film would be necessary for your windows.  Rest assured knowing that when you choose 3M, you’re choosing a high-quality product that will last for the years to come.