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Enhance & Protect Your Storefront with Window Film

Tim TraxlerGlare Control, Safety & Security

Glass storefronts provide a variety of benefits to both employees and customers. Natural lighting, views of the outdoors, and the ability for passersby to browse potential products within the store — there are many reasons a business owner would invest in a glass storefront for their business. However, glass storefronts are also subject to a variety of issues such as lack of safety and bothersome glare. Luckily, you can enhance and protect your storefront with window film!

Increase Protection with Safety & Security Window Film

The fragility of glass makes your storefront vulnerable to break-ins, bomb blasts, and inclement weather. These occurrences not only cause costly damage but also put occupants of your store in harm’s way. While we cannot always predict these events, there are ways you can prepare your space for them. That’s where 3M Safety and Security Window Film comes in!

3M Safety and Security Window Film adds a virtually invisible layer of protection to glass storefronts and windows. If the glass breaks, 3M Safety and Security Window Film holds the shattered glass in place, preventing those inside from being harmed by flying shards of glass. Additionally, the film’s ability to hold the glass in place allows for extra time to react in the event of an emergency. Prepare and protect your storefront with 3M Safety and Security Window Film.

Minimize Glare & Lower Energy Bills with Sun Control Window Film

A glass storefront allows for a beautiful, naturally lit space. Not to mention, it enables potential customers to browse products within your store! However, with a bright, sunlit space comes bothersome glare, uncomfortable temperatures, and damage from ultraviolet rays. While you could invest in curtains or blinds to minimize glare, doing so reduces natural light and eliminates the ability for passersby to see what your store has to offer. With 3M Sun Control Window Film, you don’t have to choose between natural lighting and comfort.

3M Sun Control Window Film minimizes bothersome glare, blocks up to 99% of UV rays, and reflects the sun’s heat. This film’s heat rejecting abilities can add years to the life of HVAC systems while also lowering energy bills! Furthermore, its UV protection properties can minimize fading in furnishings and flooring, protecting objects in your space. 3M Sun Control Window Film can be used on your glass storefront to lower energy bills and increase occupant comfort.

Protect Against Graffiti with Anti-Graffiti Window Film

Your storefront is out on the front lines of the street, susceptible to outside threats. One of these uncontrollable threats is vandalism, particularly graffiti. While you may be able to catch a vandal on security footage, you’re still faced with the clean-up. Not to mention, the clean-up may take a while and even result in the need for window replacement. A graffitied storefront may even turn away potential customers. Make clean-up easier with 3M Anti-Graffiti Window Film!

3M Anti-Graffiti Window Film adds a barrier between graffiti and the actual glass of windows and doors. In the event that your glass storefront is graffitied, this film can simply be removed, revealing clear, untouched glass! This allows for simple and quick clean-up so you can get the appearance of your space back to normal as quickly as possible. Once it’s been removed, simply replace the film so your property will continue to receive passive graffiti protection day in and day out.

Whether you’d like to improve energy efficiency, elevate security, or protect against graffiti, there is a window film to address your needs. Enhance and protect your storefront with window film. Talk to one of our window film experts to discover the best commercial window film for you!

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