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Energy Conservation Day: How Window Film Can Help

Tim TraxlerTips & Tricks

December 14th is National Energy Conservation Day! Since 1991, the goal of this day has been to spread awareness about the importance of energy efficiency and conservation. From large commercial buildings to homes, everyone has the ability to take steps towards energy efficiency.

Ways to Improve Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency means that you are using less energy to accomplish the same requirements, minimizing waste and saving money. There are many small changes we can make within our spaces that will impact energy efficiency. Changing regular light bulbs to LEDs, cleaning or replacing air filters regularly, and air sealing your space can improve overall efficiency.

Additionally, setting thermostats to 78 degrees in the summer and 68 in the winter can lower energy usage. In fact, every extra degree of heating or cooling can increase energy usage by 6% to 8%! While all of these steps towards energy efficiency can be beneficial, there’s one energy-saving solution that excels beyond the rest: window film.

Window Film Improves Energy Efficiency & More!

3M offers a wide array of window film solutions that cover various issues, one being energy efficiency. In fact, commercial spaces can add points to their LEED certification just by using 3M window film. LEED, or Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, is a world-wide rating system used to grade the eco-friendliness of a building. Window film also provides numerous benefits that go hand in hand with its energy-saving abilities, such as lower energy bills, improved occupant comfort, and ultraviolet ray protection.

Save Money on Energy Bills

3M Window Film offers up to 97% infrared heat rejection, welcoming natural light into your space without the sun’s heat. The use of natural light can eliminate the need for artificial lighting, saving you even more money on energy bills. In particular, 3M Thinsulate Window Film improves the insulation abilities of windows to increase comfort year-round. In the summer, its heat-rejecting abilities allow interior temperatures to remain comfortable. During the winter months, the film retains man-made heat indoors. This helps alleviate the strain on HVAC systems as they try to maintain consistent temperatures, which reduces energy bills in the short term and repair costs in the long term.

Improve Occupant Comfort

By rejecting infrared heat and maintaining comfortable interior temperatures, window film can improve occupant comfort. Not only can window film improve indoor temperatures, but it also reduces bothersome glare caused by the sun. As the afternoon sun casts a glare on technology screens, occupants must strain their eyes or relocate in order to see. With window film, say goodbye to bothersome glare and hotspots. Improve comfort both at home and in the workplace with 3M Window Film.

Protect Against Ultraviolet Rays

Over time, the sun can cause furniture, flooring, and artwork to fade due to UV ray exposure. Not only can objects within a space be impacted by UV rays, but our skin is also at risk, even indoors. 3M Window Film rejects up to 99% of ultraviolet rays, protecting the objects and people within a space from sun damage. Add years onto to the life of furniture and flooring, while also protecting occupants.

Investing in window film means investing in energy conservation, and in turn, enjoying lower energy bills. Rather than choosing multiple, small energy-saving solutions, choose window film for energy efficiency and increased occupant comfort.

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