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Common Myths About Window Film

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Window film works to mitigate undesirable effects from the sun. Harmful UV rays and uncomfortable temperatures from sunlight can lead to damaged furnishings and high energy bills. There are a variety of different window films, each serving different purposes such as increased privacy, sun control, and security for residential and commercial spaces. While there are many types and functionalities, there are also many misconceptions that people have about window films. Learn more about common window film myths, and why they are, in fact, just myths.

Myth 1: Window Film Only Provides Value in the Summer

Window film works to reduce the harmful effects of the sun such as fading, hot spots, and high energy bills. Because of this, many people think that window film only provides value in the summer. However, with Window Insulation Film you will experience energy savings and comfortable temperatures year-round. Heat can easily enter and escape through glass surfaces, but Window Insulation Film traps heat inside your home in the winter, while also preventing it from passing through your windows into your space in the summer. The moderation of temperature saves you from constantly adjusting the thermostat. It also allows your heating and cooling systems to function more efficiently which results in energy savings.

Myth 2: Results Aren’t Long Term

Another common misconception about window film is that the results are not long term. However, the life expectancy of most window film is actually 10+ years. Some clients have even had 3M Window Film on their windows for 20 years! In fact, while using window film you will experience decreased hot spots during the summer and minimized cool drafts from windows during the winter. Additionally, the reduction of UV rays leads to longer-lasting furnishings and floors due to decreased fading and sun damage. Lastly, energy savings and comfortable temperatures remain constant throughout the years with window film.

Myth 3: It’s Too Expensive

Many home and business owners believe that window film is too large of an investment. However, when you invest in window film, you are investing in comfortable temperatures, reduced glare, extended life of furnishings, and reduced energy bills. What many don’t realize is the initial investment in window film leads to increased savings in the long run due to the regulation of energy required from your heating and cooling systems. Reap the benefits of window film year-round, for many years into the future.

Myth 4: It Will Damage My Windows

Many people think that installing window film will damage their windows. However, as a 3M Prestige Dealer, PA Window Tint is a member of an elite network of dealers with extensive product knowledge and experience. We are entrusted with 3M’s highest quality products and professional installations. When you choose PA Window Tint, you are working with a 3M Authorized Window Film Dealer with over 25 years of experience installing high-quality window films. Our commitment to providing flawless installations shows in each of our window tinting jobs.

Window Film provides many benefits, including increased energy savings, enhanced comfort year-round, and elevated protection of people and property. Many people believe these common myths about window film, but with a little research, they will soon learn the positive long-term impact it can have on your space.

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