anti graffiti window film

How to Protect Your Business from Graffiti

Tim Traxler3M

Your storefront is the face of your local business. When people walk or drive by, they develop a brand impression almost instantly. Unfortunately, graffiti vandalism is steadily increasing, especially with …

window film removal

How is Window Film Installed and Removed?

Tim Traxler3M

Our customers at PA Window Tint ask plenty of great questions. After all, there’s so much to learn about window film! But two of our most frequently asked questions are, …

3M Commercial Warranty

3M Commercial Warranty Explained

Tim Traxler3M

3M has become a world-renowned leader in window film research and development. They are known as being one of the most trustworthy film companies and make it a point to …

3M Residential Warranty

3M Residential Warranty Explained

Tim Traxler3M

Are you interested in purchasing 3M window film for your home? If so, your film is protected by a comprehensive 3M residential warranty. We’re often asked what a 3M residential …