3M offers the best window film on the market

Why Is 3M The Best Window Film On The Market?

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Did you know 3M has been around for over 100 years? They started out as simple, small-town miners. Little did they know their small business would transform into a world-renowned Fortune 500 company.  They began digging (and dreaming) up new innovative technologies to change our world. In 1966, they patented sun control window film. Three years later, they invented clear security film in response to bombings in Europe. To date, they’ve created hundreds of tints and films for their window film series. 

The most popular films include:

A Trusted Corporation With A Heart For Small Business

Starting off as a small venture, 3M understands the influence local businesses have on their communities. Because of this, all 3M window films can only be purchased and installed by certified 3M dealers around your city. This is to ensure every installation is perfectly executed with only the best window film on the market.

PA Window Tint has been chosen as one of the few 3M Prestige dealers in the country.  This identifies our company as a member of an elite network of dealers who are entrusted with offering 3M’s highest quality products, as well as providing high-quality installations.

The Best Commercial & Residential Window Film On The Market

If you’re looking for window film installations that are worth the investment, don’t settle for anything less than the best. With 3M commercial and residential window film, you’ll experience:

Reduced heating and cooling bills – 3M window films can significantly reduce cooling costs by blocking out excess heat and save you money in the colder months as temperature control window film has insulating properties.

Increased comfort year-round – As the best window film on the market, 3M films offer benefits across seasons. These films reduce hot spots in the summer and provide increased insulation in the winter so you can enjoy regulated temperatures year round.

Greener buildings – With their energy savings, 3M window films contribute to greener buildings. You can even earn LEED points with 3M window film.

Glare reduction – 3M Sun Control Window Films have the added benefit of reducing glare, which can be particularly harsh during the winter, but bothersome all year.

Better outdoor views – With window film you don’t have to sacrifice your outdoor views as you cover up your windows with blinds. Instead, you can enjoy your views knowing you’re still protected from heat gain, UV exposure, and unwanted glare.

99% UV rejection3M window film offers superior UV protection of 99% for sun control films, another reason why 3M window films are the best on the market.

Customized interior spaces – 3M decorative and privacy films give business and homeowners alike a way to customize their space with dozens of options of gradient and patterned films.

Enhanced safety – Whether you’re looking to increase the safety of your local school, your business, or your home, 3M safety and security window film offer superior safety performance to keep you and yours safe.

Best Window Film for Long-Term Use: 3M’s Warranty

Each of our 3M films is backed by a comprehensive 3M manufacturer’s warranty. These warranties cover your investment, guaranteeing that 3M Window Films will maintain solar reflective, adhesion, and appearance properties during their comprehensive warranty period. To learn more about our 3M warranties, check out our residential and commercial warranty posts. Learn more about what makes 3M window film unique here.

Choose PA Window Tint for Your 3M Window Film Needs

As a 3M Prestige dealer with over 30 years of experience in the window film industry, PA Window tint stands ready to help you solve all your window troubles. Whether you need temperature control, glare reduction, enhanced safety, increased privacy or decorative appeal – or any combination of the above – the pros at PA Window Tint are ready to help you. Contact us today for a free quote and to talk to a representative about your window film goals.

At PA Window Tint, we offer only the highest quality window film available: 3M. PA Window Tint Inc. began serving central Pennsylvania in 1993. Over the years, we have extended service across Pennsylvania, helping homes and businesses with 3M Window Film needs. To get a free quote on our residential and commercial window films, give us a call or fill out a form. Our window film experts are ready to answer any questions you may have. After over 30 years of service, we know a thing or two about 3M window film!