Anti-Graffiti Window Film

A Simpler Graffiti Removal Solution

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Graffiti is a common problem in cities big and small. Vandals seek to destroy public and private property and do so through “creative expression” on brick walls, concrete, and windows. Not only is spray paint on glazed surfaces unsightly and dangerous to a neighborhood’s image, it is expensive to remove. In fact, graffiti abatement is a $12 billion per year industry.

Protect Your Building with Anti-Graffiti Window Film

Are you tired of dealing with inconvenient vandalism and the expensive graffiti removal process? There’s now a better, more affordable way to remove graffiti and other unwanted markings from your building! Introducing anti-graffiti window film from 3M. These anti-graffiti films even protect against scratches and etchings.

Installed on glazed surfaces susceptible to vandalism, anti-graffiti film is a clear polyester laminate that is invisible to graffiti artists. The vandal believes that he has made an artistic statement that cannot easily be removed, but in actuality has sprayed the protective laminate. After removing the damaged film, the glass is exposed to reveal a graffiti-free piece of glass that is ready for a new film covering. Installation, removal, and reinstallation is a fraction of the cost of glass replacement or general graffiti abatement.

Protect your windows from vandalism with 3M anti-graffiti window film.

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