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4 Things You Should Know About Home Window Tinting

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If you’re looking for ways to increase the quality of your home, as well as your quality of life, consider investing in home window tinting! Residential window film adds value to your home and your life in many ways. With home window tinting, you can increase energy savings, home comfort, and privacy, without sacrificing outdoor views. Are you considering installing window film in your home? Here are 4 things you should know about home window tinting.

Home Window Tinting …

Improves the Comfort of Your Space

You and your family should be comfortable within the walls of your home, and home window tinting can help accomplish this. By maintaining comfortable indoor temperatures, no matter the season, window film works to preserve heat in the winter and keep the air cool during the hot, summer months. PA Window Tint offers 3M Thinsulate Window Film to maintain indoor temperatures. Installing Thinsulate to your windows is as effective as adding another pane of glass to your windows! By adding Thinsulate to your windows, you can enjoy insulation similar to double-pane windows, effectively regulating the indoor temperature regardless of the weather outside.

Protects Against UV Rays

Every homeowner wants to welcome natural light into their home, but at what cost? Allowing UV rays into your home can cause damage to flooring and furnishings. Additionally, UV rays can cause damage to your skin. Home window tinting can add years to the lifespan of your furnishings and interior. For example, Prestige Sun Control Film blocks up to 99% of UV light and 97% of infrared rays. Window film works to protect from UV damage without sacrificing natural light.

Increases Safety and Security of Your Home

Windows are the most vulnerable point of your home because they are often the entry point for burglars or debris from storms. 3M Safety and Security Window film can reduce the dangers that windows pose by holding glass fragments in place should they be shattered. Intruders are often surprised by the resistance they encounter whenever 3M Safety and Security Window Films are applied to windows they target. This surprise can make it harder for intruders to enter your space, buying you precious time to contact law enforcement or flee to safety. Feel at ease knowing that 3M Safety and Security Window Film will fortify your glass surfaces, protecting those who you care about most.

Increases the Value of Your Home

Home window tinting will increase the overall value of your home, without breaking the bank. As we mentioned previously, the installation of window film will regulate the temperature in your home year-round. In turn, your heating and cooling systems will not have to work as hard to maintain the proper temperature. This will add years to the lifespan of your heating and cooling systems. 3M Sun Control Window Film can also generate up to 30% energy savings in just 6 months. 

3M Window Film can also be used toward LEED credits. In addition to a decrease in energy costs, LEED homes can qualify you for tax breaks and even discounted homeowner insurance! Certified green homes also tend to sell quicker than less energy-efficient homes. 

Experience the Benefits of Home Window Tinting with PA Window Tint

Home window tinting can lead to a variety of benefits, such as increased comfort, improved safety and security, and heightened home value, while simultaneously protecting inhabitants against harmful UV rays. As a 3M Authorized Dealer, PA Window Tint carries and installs the highest quality window film products on the market today and we love helping our customers experience the benefits these films provide.

PA Window Tint Inc. began serving central Pennsylvania in 1993. Over the years, we have extended service to New York, Maryland, and New Jersey. Today, PA Window Tint is a 3M Prestige dealer, which identifies our company as a member of the elite network of dealers in the country which are entrusted with offering 3M’s highest quality products and providing impeccable installations. Give us a call at 1-866-329-0064 or fill out a form online.