3M Commercial Warranty

3M Commercial Warranty Explained

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3M has become a world-renowned leader in window film research and development. They are known as being one of the most trustworthy film companies and make it a point to provide customers with the best experience possible.  All 3M commercial-use film is protected by a comprehensive warranty that can benefit you and your employees for years to come.

What’s Covered Under a 3M Commercial Warranty?

3M commercial window films are covered by a set-year warranty. This protects your films are against bubbling, cracking, peeling, tearing, discoloration, glass breakage or seal failure as long as they are under warranty.

These warranties last anywhere from 2 to 15 years, depending on the type of film and its average “lifetime.”

How Long Does 3M Window Film Coverage Last?

Each 3M window film series has a specific set of functions and therefore comes with a unique warranty agreement. Below, you’ll find the length of each film’s specific 3M warranty.

  • Sun Control (Commercial): 10 Years
  • Sun Control – Night Vision (Commercial): 12
  • Sun Control – Prestige (Commercial): 15
  • Low-E (Commercial & Residential): 5 Years
  • Exterior (Commercial & Residential): 2 Years
  • Safety/Security (Commercial): 10
  • Safety/Security – Ultra Night Vision (Commercial): 12
  • Safety/Security – Ultra Prestige (Commercial): 15
  • Fasara™ (Commercial & Residential): 5 Years
  • Scotchcal™ (Commercial & Residential): 5 Years

Certain exclusions may apply, but our window film experts can explain warranty details during your free consultation or upon request. 

Additional Warranties

Say your business or school wants to install 3M Safety & Security window film, which comes with a 10-year warranty. PA Window Tint will include 3M™ Impact Protection System Adhesive during installation to help fortify your windows. While this comes at an extra cost, it provides significantly more protection for your employees or students and also adds two years to your warranty.

Talk to a window tint professional at PA Window Tint to learn more about our films and additional warranties.

Removal and Reinstallation are Included

If your 3M film begins to wear under warranty, your installer is responsible for replacing the damaged film at no cost to you. This includes the removal and replacement of all damaged film.

Glass failure due to thermal shock fracture is also covered for up to 5 years  (60 months). Note that the installer is entitled to inspect the damage before replacing the film and/or glass.

To keep your film in tip-top shape, we suggest regularly cleaning your windows. You can learn how to do that here.

We consider it a privilege to offer our community the highest quality window film on the market and comprehensive coverage to help save you money and stress. Feel free to contact us for any questions you may have about our 3M commercial films and warranties.

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